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Thanks to the patience of my lovely wife I have taken the time to ready my studio for production. The garage is now setup to accomodate work on larger pieces. With the diversity of projects wood, metal and canvas I have reorganised my multiple work spaces to better accomodate for future materials artworks and sculptures.





When technology fails. Oil on wwood board.image

Mountain sky 1. Paint on wood panel.


Landscape traversing time. Oil on canvas. 3 panels.




01_mountainside_and _river 01_nothing1 01_nothing2 01_reflections 01_something1 drying_hall1


A sampling of the paintings of November

01_gold2 01_gold1

A representation of gold in a landscape. An observation of the nature of searching for gold and the random success and failure and destruction that comes with it.

01_miningforgold2 01_miningforgold

I had just spent 1 day making a ramp that could support 500kg payload on my flatbed trolley. So with that on my mind I did these paintings.

In my mind I had envisioned the quarry as something pretty low key but on arival that changed, it was like a mining operation, my trolley and my 800kg capable van looked miniscule in comparison to the big trucks and earth moving equipment. We loaded up 900 kg of rock, betwen 80kg and 150kg each, and got back home.


Large oil on board.


mobile post


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Green and blue wash against the rock forms.  The fluid strokes are given movement with splashes of blue layered over the roaming forms.

Details: Wood board with integrated edge. Oil paint with clear varnish. Medium size.

Freeform hills, rivers and rocks with green fields and multicoloured flowers pushing through the prarie.